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Performance Leadership – Two New Think Tanks!

I am working with two new groups of students, volunteers from the Overton Dance Team, Memphis, TN, to work on the issues of preventing pregnancy and violence. Over the years Mrs. Lisa Stewart, Dance Teacher and I have co-created performances: Smoke-free, Fight-free, and Club 23 (on YouTube) and are now working on Baby-free. (Scripts are … Continue reading »

Fight and Bully Free Class Performance

Fight Free Class of 20__ Presentation Announcer: Good Afternoon (pause) We are students from __________________ School. We are the Fight Free Class of 20__. Welcome to our program! Singers: WE ARE THE CLASS OF TWO THOUSAND __. TWO DOUBLE ZERO, EVERYONE’S A HERO! (OR A SHE-RO!) HEALTHY MINDS, HEALTHY HEARTS, WE WON’T HAVE TO STOP, … Continue reading »