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”Hood School

My daughter teaches kindergarten in an all black, very poor neighborhood in North Memphis. It takes a special kind of person to work there, someone who understands and is somewhat fluent in the culture. I’ll give you an example. One of her students called another student the “N” word. She is white, so she asked … Continue reading »

LISTENING by Kay Sands – (guest post)

Sunday morning in the park with the rain steadily dripping might not have been the first choice of places to be for most people. But, the sixty or so people gathered under the pavilion didn’t seem to mind the weather. Many greeted each other like old friends, some held back to see what was going … Continue reading »

Positive Communication

Positive Communication No skill is more important to learning about ourselves and others than communication. Simply put, it is the giving and receiving of messages. Positive Communication is a lesson that helps to explain different types of messages and the ways we communicate them. It is ‘positive’ in that it provides a shared vocabulary that … Continue reading »