The Joys of Reading

There have been times when I had to read what was assigned: high school, college, graduate school, and I was so happy when they were over and I had time to read what I wanted. I did learn so much reading what was assigned and I learned how to do independent learning. At present I … Continue reading »

The Metropolitan Revolution

It has been a while since I have posted, in part because I have been reading so much. My daytime read is The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy by Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley. It provides examples of cities and metropolitan areas coming together to plan … Continue reading »

Learning To Be Happy

Would you be happier if you had more wealth? Seems like a no brainier, doesn’t it, but oddly, the research says only up to a point. Paul Solomon did a PBS news story on the subject Thursday, June 20, 2013. He visited the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley. What he learned … Continue reading »


Most mornings I begin with writing my dreams, journaling, and accessing a symbol for the day from Dane Rudyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases. Yesterday, I drew this symbol: (Aquarius 16) A Big Businessman at His Desk. Keynote: The ability to organize the many aspects of an enterprise … Continue reading »

Physics and Our Energy. Memphis Uniting!

Aligned teams of people expand energy exponentially. We are each analogous to a battery, with lots of potential energy. People’s energy quotient reflects their consciousness and physical vitality. The beauty and benefit of teams is that the energy and health of the individuals involved improves. Psychological needs of safety, belonging (said to be a stronger … Continue reading »

LISTENING by Kay Sands – (guest post)

Sunday morning in the park with the rain steadily dripping might not have been the first choice of places to be for most people. But, the sixty or so people gathered under the pavilion didn’t seem to mind the weather. Many greeted each other like old friends, some held back to see what was going … Continue reading »

Geoff Colvin recommends The Power of Teams!

Geoff Colvin, Ph.D, recommends The Power of Teams: team building for educators. He says: Ashley Faulk’s new book “The Power of Teams” is particularly timely because educators and school districts, at the present time and in the foreseeable future, face enormous challenges that threaten the entire system. This book taps one resource that need not … Continue reading »

Golden Rule Schools

What if we had schools based on the golden rule, where we treat each other the way we want to be treated? Too idealistic, you say? I think it is possible. It would take visionary leadership and a bonded, aligned adult team, clear expectations and consistent fair consequences for students. It would lift the energy … Continue reading »

The Ghetto Effect

My part-time job in graduate school was taking care of the rat room. I made sure they had water, food, and clean cages. It was a bleak room in a Quonset hut in Stockton, CA. University of the Pacific. I lived in an apartment across the street from campus, an easy walk or bike ride. … Continue reading »

Learning from Shooters

How can we protect children from shooters? How can we prevent potential shooters from feeling so isolated and depressed they see no way out but death? How can we protect children from bullying? How can we change schools so they meet the social and emotional needs of children? We can teach them. We can recognize … Continue reading »