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LISTENING by Kay Sands – (guest post)

Sunday morning in the park with the rain steadily dripping might not have been the first choice of places to be for most people. But, the sixty or so people gathered under the pavilion didn’t seem to mind the weather. Many greeted each other like old friends, some held back to see what was going … Continue reading »

Why Plants Heal

This is a story Glinda Watts shared with me as we walked through Shelby Forrest looking at plants and learning their uses. She learned it from a Native American story teller. I include it here because stories are such a powerful way to teach. A story can lull the listener into learning. For centuries stories … Continue reading »


Here is story about a middle school student whose impulse almost killed him and about another student whose impulse saved him. I am enjoying posting stories. It makes me relive the time and reconnect with the feelings. I hope you enjoy … Domino It was report card day and emotions were running high at Ridgeway … Continue reading »

Good Brother

I had gotten a reprieve from my desk job after several months of captivity. The day was beautiful, sunny and warm, and poured in through the open sunroof. I drove along the Parkways, tree lined boulevards that at one time, along with the Mississippi River, were the city limits. Now they were a lovely drive … Continue reading »