Why Do Administrators Make More $ Than Teachers?

We should rethink how we spend our tax dollars on education in Tennessee and across the USA. The Beacon Report has an extensive article about studies on this subject (with powerful graphs):

Education funds not being spent wisely September 4, 2013

Since 2000, the number of administrators statewide has grown by nearly 35 percent. During the same time period, teacher personnel has increased by less than 17 percent, while the change in the number of students was a mere 7 percent. Not only has the number of administrators risen more dramatically than teachers and students, their salaries have outpaced teacher salaries as well.
Unfortunately, this focus on administrative growth has failed to lead to results. By conducting in-state and state-versus-state comparisons, we could find no measurable correlation between spending and student performance, primarily failing to find a link between this newfound administrative spending and academic growth.

Figure 4: Fifteen school systems more than doubled per-pupil administration spending from 2000 to 2012.

(Here are the two in my community. They are now blended.)

Memphis City Schools
151.15% Increase in Administrative Costs per ADA, 2000-2012
-9.31% ADA increase 2000-2012
127.75% Total Increase in Administrative Costs 2000-2012

Shelby County

-Following the Money: A Tennessee Education Spending Primer
Analyzing the true amount and purpose of education spending and the impact it has
by Benjamin Clark & Alexandria Gilbert
August 19, 2013

The Beacon Center of TN

Anyone surprised?