Replace Arne Duncan with a Team of Teachers

Arne Duncan may be good at playing basketball with the president, but he hasn’t done teachers any favors by enticing 36 states to “Race for the Top” only to find out the Teacher Evaluation modeled after Microsoft’s and paid for by Bill and Melinda Gates, has been done away with at Microsoft because of its disastrous effect on morale.

Read this article: What’s Good for Microsoft Turns Out to Be Bad for Public Schools — and Microsoft

As much as I admire Bill Gates, he needs to see his limits. He is no expert in education. Teachers are experts in teaching and learning. We need the freedom and power to create our schools, our evaluations, and anything else needed to educate our youth.

Teachers! When are we going to design and implement exciting education instead of having our every effort blocked? Replace Arne Duncan by a team of teachers who spend time in the classroom, in schools, and know what works and what is needed. Get rid of bureaucrats. Create positive Golden Rule Schools where learning is fun and children are expected to behave and learn. Remember, all the masses must attend school by law, so services must be provided to support teachers. It is time to implement economic changes so people can rise out of poverty, like raising the minimum wage.

Teams at each school are essential. Don’t know how to create and maintain a team? The Power of Teams on this website outlines the process step-by-step. Read it; use it. Every school is unique as is every team, but there are principles that work across the board. Why are we educators allowing people (men, generally) who have NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE to dominate our profession and keep us and the children we serve from the joys and fruits of teaching and learning? I think we are going to have to fight, raise our voices, VOTE, speak our truth and take back our profession. Are you with me?