Posted in November 2012

Fight and Bully Free Class Performance

Fight Free Class of 20__ Presentation Announcer: Good Afternoon (pause) We are students from __________________ School. We are the Fight Free Class of 20__. Welcome to our program! Singers: WE ARE THE CLASS OF TWO THOUSAND __. TWO DOUBLE ZERO, EVERYONE’S A HERO! (OR A SHE-RO!) HEALTHY MINDS, HEALTHY HEARTS, WE WON’T HAVE TO STOP, … Continue reading »

What I Learned from Kay Sands

Kay hired me to work as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor for Memphis City Schools Mental Health Center in 1977. At that time it was one of the only Mental Health Centers attached to a school system, a creative and far sighted idea. It has morphed into the Division of Exceptional Children. Anyway, I was … Continue reading »

Address Poverty to Improve Education

I ran across this article as i was updating the footnotes for my book The Power of Teams,which will be available by the end of the year. David Berliner’s ideas here aligned with my experience working in a city with a 25% poverty rate. I am glad to introduce you to his ideas. To transform … Continue reading »