Posted in October 2012

An Inspired Educator’s Worth

An inspired educator is worth her weight in gold. She adds that much value to the lives of those she influences, let’s see, gold is $1620 per ounce, 16 ounces in a pound, say, 150 pounds. She is worth $3,888,000. That’s about right. It is so difficult to put a monetary value on prevention and … Continue reading »

Why I Love Teaching (and Learning)

All humans love to learn, at least their brains do. Sometimes we get turned off by ridicule, failure, or boredom. Luckily for me, I had many inspired and inspiring teachers. I’ve come to realize that it is almost impossible to teach what you are not, so inspiration and enthusiasm belong in the process, making learning … Continue reading »

Why Plants Heal

This is a story Glinda Watts shared with me as we walked through Shelby Forrest looking at plants and learning their uses. She learned it from a Native American story teller. I include it here because stories are such a powerful way to teach. A story can lull the listener into learning. For centuries stories … Continue reading »

Why Teams are Essential

I have been back home in Memphis now for two months. My home is cleaned up and ready for winter and I have been putting the finishing touches on my book, The Power of Teams which will be complete soon. As I read through it, I am reminded how important this information is to the … Continue reading »


Here is story about a middle school student whose impulse almost killed him and about another student whose impulse saved him. I am enjoying posting stories. It makes me relive the time and reconnect with the feelings. I hope you enjoy … Domino It was report card day and emotions were running high at Ridgeway … Continue reading »