Posted in August 2012

Positive Communication

Positive Communication No skill is more important to learning about ourselves and others than communication. Simply put, it is the giving and receiving of messages. Positive Communication is a lesson that helps to explain different types of messages and the ways we communicate them. It is ‘positive’ in that it provides a shared vocabulary that … Continue reading »

Are You an Enlightened Educator?

Are You an Enlightened Educator??? 1. Do you live by the Golden Rule, treating others the way you want to be treated? 2. Are you a team player? Are you as good a follower as you are a leader? 3. Are you present? Can you watch yourself worry and stop? 4. Do you look for … Continue reading »

Enlightened Educator

An Enlightened Educator is one who lives by the golden rule, treating others the way she wants to be treated. There are many conscious people on earth today (along with lots of unconscious people).That is just the way it is; it is the way our species improves. We play (interact) with people who are more … Continue reading »

My Mission is for people who want to make a difference, who can see potential and solutions. En-light-ened, one who has light within, illuminates, lifts, makes less dense, less heavy; Educator, one who teaches and learns. Enlightened Educator is an ideal, an archetype. I like Caroline Myss’ definition of archetype: “dynamic living forms of energy that are … Continue reading »